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Michael Janssen

•  Founder and CFO of Brokat
•  Founder and Partner of Auxell
•  More than 10 years of experience in the banking and venture capital industry
•  Associate Partner of the Venture Capital Firm Mangrove Capital Ltd.

David Hanf

•  CFO of studi.biz GmbH
•  Financial Analyst at Auxell GmbH
•  Financial Specialist at BASF SE
•  Graduated from European School of Business (ESB)



Xavier Azalbert

•  Founder of ENBA
•  Founder and CEO of xelector
•  Worked for McKinsey and Fidelity
•  More than 18 years in leading positions in the industry

Francois Bouché

• CEO of Valgo
• Engineer/mba from top french school of engineer
• World class expert of demolition

Dr. Gerhard Huber

•  Founder and CEO of ENBA
•  Founder Direkt Anlage Bank
•  More than 15 years in leading positions in the financial services industry
•  Visionary of the Financial Services Industry

Stefan Roever

•  Founder and CEO of Brokat
•  Founder and CEO of Navio
•  Located in the Silicon Valley
•  Visionary of the software industry


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