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Our Investment Scope

MEGU invests in companies, as minority shareholder, at all stages of growth from seed to later stage throughout Europe. Our investments range from 1.000.000 EUR to 3.000.000 EUR and we focus on market sectors where we have the experience and knowledge to help build category-defining companies. These markets include environment services, leisure and entertainment, software as well as financial services and e-Commerce.

Our Investment Criterias

In our investment decision we very much focus on the contribution MEGU can provide to the success of the project.

Beside that, we expect the following from an investment:

  • Experienced Management Team
  • Large market opportunities and
  • Sustainable competitive advantages

Our Network

An essential element of building a company is having access to a broad global network of potential partners, customers and advisors. Over the last fifteen years the MEGU team has build very strong relationships to partner, which can support the project throughout the whole life cycle from the development phase to a succesful exit.

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